Video Directory (English)

Video Directory (English)

Video Verzeichnis (Englisch)


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Meanwhile, the number of my videos has become so extensive that I had to create a directory to keep the overview. I would like to make this directory available to you, dear visitors of this homepage. In the digest you can find all videos of my book titles which have been published until now. The videos can be viewed either here on my homepage or on my Youtube channel.

Most videos are currently only available in German. More English videos are available from 2017!

Videos without numbering are still under construction!
If you would like to have this directory as a pdf file, just write to me! Since it is constantly updated, I can only always create a "snapshot".

Videos auf Englisch / Videos in English 

In den Klammern steht das jeweilige Pendant auf Deutsch.

In the brackets, there is the respective counterpart in German.

Greeting messages

Video 02 - Welcome video for my readers and friends (2014)

Information videos to my homepage and to my work 

Video 63 - INFO about my Youtube channel (Video 52) 

Video 64 - INFO about the FAQ (Video 49) 

Video 65 - INFO about my newsletter (Video 50) 

Video 66 - INFO Why you should read my books (Video 38) 

Video 67 - Commentary on the reader's letters (Video 24) 

Video 68 - INFO Reading with System (Video 15)

Video 89 - 3-year anniversary (Video 88) 

Other general information

Video 87 - News: Preview Autumn/Winter 2017 (Video 86) 

Theme videos

Video 69 - THEME Our Lady (Video 3) 

Video 70 - THEME Prayer (Video 6) 

Video 71 - THEME Rosary (Video 7) 

Video 72 - THEME Faith (Video 8)  
Video 73 - THEME Spirituality (Video 10) 
Video 74 - THEME Grace (Video 11 and Video 32) 
Video 75 - THEME Teresa of Avila (Video 12) 
Video 76 - THEME Christian-Jewish Dialogue (Video 13) 
Video 77 - THEME  The Jesus-and-God-Father-Picture (Video 17) 
Video 92 - THEME The Coming of Messiah (Video 91) 

Video Presentation of the English Books

Coming soon!

Video 00 - 043 How to pray. Berlin 2016.

Video 00 - 052 Prayers for every Day. Prayers for Catholics. Berlin 2016.

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Video Directory (English)
Video-Verzeichnis (Englisch)
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